The Truth About Yoga Teacher Training Courses: 10 Things You Need To Know

Are you someone who enjoys doing yoga? Maybe you started yoga as a passion, but now it feels like you want a career in this field? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss ten things that you need to know about yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga is not just a physical activity, it’s an art of building yourself into an updated physical, mental, and emotional positive state. It’s a direction of growth in yourself. As the population started to become more health-conscious, and started giving more emphasis to personal growth, the number of yoga training courses has simultaneously increased.

In this chaos, it’s really difficult to search for a promising yoga training institute. However, if you are looking for the best yoga school in Rishikesh then Mimamsa Yogshala is your best choice. From 200 hrs yoga TTC in India to 100 hours of teacher training, and retreats, this yoga school has everything! But before booking your training, here is the list of things you need to know about yoga teacher training courses:

1. Limit Expectations.

If you are opting for a yoga teacher training course, then don’t expect too much, let it be. It’s a journey, and no one can tell you what’s going to happen. All you have to do is give your best, and you will embark on your own yoga journey.

2. Set your Goals

From the beginning of the journey, set your goals. Make sure you have a reason for wanting to take your yoga practice to the next level, that will help you stay motivated at times when you are not feeling like continuing forward.. But remember that your reasons can vary with time. Maybe you feel midway that you cannot teach students, but this can change too if your mind is focused on a set goal.

3. Don’t be worried about being Vulnerable.

Never be afraid to be overwhelmed because, in the process of yoga training, you will feel heightened emotions arise, and trying to hide them is not a healthy choice. Yoga training is the journey of self-development, and it can not be possible without some pain. So trust the process and let your emotions flow.

4. Embrace the Imperfection

It’s okay to be confused, not getting a posture, or even not understanding anything for a day. Set your ego aside and remember to be curious, ask questions, and make yourself comfortable with making mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with asking for opinions, questions and taking advice from your mentors and peers. Embracing the fact that you don’t know something will help you learn more effectively than being on your so-called ‘know it all’ attitude.

5. Do it for Yourself

You must learn yoga for yourself. No matter, if you want to teach it afterward, it’s very important to learn something whole and solely before teaching it to somebody. Half knowledge can be dangerous. So learn it for self-development, and after comprehending that fully, then only think of teaching.

6. Practice Makes perfection

At the beginning of the session, you may find yoga training difficult, and maybe think it is not your cup of tea, but remember practice is what makes you perfect. Regular practice of your asanas will help you prepare for a full day and can also help discover your areas of weakness.

7. Go through Reviews

Before starting your training search for the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh or your set location. Look for reviews, spend some time reading personal experiences on their yoga journey with a certain school. It’s very inspiring to look for some well-achieving reviews. It also provides useful insights and sets expectations for your journey.

8. It’s a Roller Coaster Ride

Yoga training can be like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you love the training sessions and can’t wait to get into another session, and sometimes you just loathe it so much that you end up despising the idea of seeing another yoga mat. There can be times when you think of not fitting in that environment anymore. During all this time all you have to do is take a break and let all the emotions settle. Do something unrelated to your yoga practice. Maybe go for a long walk or spend time with your friends. It will maintain the balance and when you return from that break all your thoughts vanish and you feel free.

9. Dealing with Different Personalities.

During training sessions, you have to deal with different personalities and have to calmly understand them and make your point clear to them. You need to understand that everyone is different. Their priorities and opinions differ from yours and you may end up in a disagreement with them. But remember you need to calm yourself and ask why am I reacting like this and what is best to do in this situation. Yoga is all about tolerance, handling yourself first is the major step. Learning more about Ayurveda and doshas will help you to calm down in these sorts of situations.

10. It’s just the Beginning

Learning yoga is not just about drinking coconut water, and learning a few asanas. It’s only just the beginning, because yoga is nothing but embarking on a journey of self-development and thst isn’t achieved by doing a course, it’s a lifelong process. There are no boundaries, yoga could take you anywhere. It’s a never-ending journey. It’s all about practice and continuous learning

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